World War I American aviators and pilots

Map of United States Air Service in World War I

Instructions. Please read! This map of the United States Air Service in World War I allows you to toggle the different groups on and off. The name in the parenthesis corresponds to the name at the top of each group that shows up to the right of the map as different groups are toggled on and off. You can click on the links to learn a bit more about the units. Zoom in two levels around Toul (northeast France) and turn everything on to see how high the concentration of American air units was. More notes below the map.

1st Pursuit Group (1PG)
2nd Pursuit Group (2PG)
17th/148th Aero (RAF)
3rd Pursuit Group (3PG)
4th Pursuit Group (4PG)
Lafayette Esc. (FRA)
1st Obs. Group (1OG)
2nd Obs. Group (2OG)
German Air Bases (GER2)
1st Day Bomb. Group (1DBG)
2nd Day Bomb. Group (2DBG)
Bombing Targets (GER1)

Make sure you drill down when using this map. It is only when doing that that you can really properly appreciate the locations of the different bases. For instance, toggle all the check boxes to 'on' and then drill down to Toul so that you can see all of the bases and targets all around there.

List of United States Air Service Maps at this site

United States Air Service in France - showing all main bases
World War I 3rd Aviation Instruction Center at Issoudun Map, the largest training base for the United States Air Service during World War I.

World War I maps on Google Maps

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World War I USAS Map
World War I US Naval Air Stations Map
World War I US Northern Bombardment Group Map

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Learn more: 1st Observation Group, 1st Pursuit Group, 1st Bombardment Group, 2nd Pursuit Group, 3rd Pursuit Group, 4th Pursuit Group, 5th Pursuit Group and 3rd Air Park. See the really cool USAS Bases Google Map we've made just for you.

File under:

1st Observation Group - 1st aero squadron, 12th aero squadron, 50th aero squadron
1st Pursuit Group - 27th aero squadron, 94th aero squadron, 95th aero squadron, 147th aero squadron, 185th aero squadron
1st Bombardment Group - 96th aero squadron, 11th aero squadron, 20th aero squadron, 166th aero squadron
2nd Pursuit Group - 13th aero squadron, 22nd aero squadron, 49th aero squadron, 139th aero squadron
3rd Pursuit Group - 28th aero squadron, 93rd aero squadron, 103rd aero squadron, 213th aero squadron
4th Pursuit Group - 17th aero squadron, 25th aero squadron, 148th aero squadron, 141st aero squadron
5th Pursuit Group - 41st Aero Squadron, 138th Aero Squadron, 638th Aero Squadron
3rd Air Park - 255th Aero Squadron

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