Exploring where the World War I pilots lived in Mauperthuis

Mike O'Neal and I (Narayan Sengupta) decided to investigate a bit more of where the pilots were billeted while they were in Saints. Many of them were billeted here, in Mauperthuis. The aerodrome was right in between both villages of Saints and Mauperthuis.

Mike O'Neal, event organizer, in the old Moulin de Pommeuse - the mill of Pommeuse. The former mill, once slated for distruction, is now a beautiful bed and breakfast in the village of Pommeuse run by a charming lady. The mill is located about 6 miles from Saints, Mauperthuis and Touquin.

Mike O'Neal - the artist - at work making preliminary sketches for his next masterpiece.

Mike in Mauperthuis.

Narayan Sengupta at the Rue des Noyers. The farm where Quentin Roosevelt was billeted with Sengupta's great great grandmother and other aviators were billeted was bordered by this road and the Rue de Bricot.

The farm where Quentin Roosevelt and other aviators were billeted.

The farm where Quentin Roosevelt and other aviators were billeted.

Sign for Rue Bricot, Mauperthuis.

Sign at main intersection of Mauperthuis showing Saints and Coulommiers. In the other direction (not shown) is Touquin.

Main intersection of Mauperthuis

Mike at main intersection of Mauperthuis.

Alex McLanahan (center) and other 1st Pursuit Group pilots in Mauperthuis in 1918 at the main intersection which the pilots named Place Quentin Roosevelt. (Photo courtesy Charlie Woolley)

United States Air Service in WWI 90th Anniversary event - July 14, 2008

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Exploring where the pilots lived in Mauperthuis
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