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USAS History
Summary 1917-1918
Lafayette Escadrille
1st Observation
1st, 12th, 50th, 88th
1st Pursuit Group
27th, 94th, 95th, 147th
1st Bombardment
96th, 11th, 20th
2nd Pursuit Group
13th, 22nd, 49th, 139th
3rd Pursuit Group
28th, 93rd, 103rd, 213th
4th Pursuit Group
17th, 148th, 25th, 141st
5th Pursuit Group
41st, 138th, 638th
3rd Air Park
. List of Aces

United States Naval Aviation

US Naval Aviation

United States Marine Corps Aviation

US Marine Aviation


World War I fighter planes, bombers and observation planes Nieuport 28 Spad VII Spad XIII Fokker Dr.1 Albatros D.Va Fokker D.VII
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Credits & Acknowledgements

The organizers wish to thank (profusely) the following individuals and/or organizations for their assistance in providing historical photos which are featured on this website.

It is impossible to correctly acknowledge or thank everyone properly. A great number of people have willingly provided a tremendous amount of assistance - their time, advice and encouragement, and also often epiphanous insights and resources - photographs, documents, etc. for this website and for our research project.

Mark Koziol, Sagamore Hill National Historic Site of the National Park Service went so far out of his way to help us, it's marvelous! Wallace Dailey, Harvard University; Brett Stolle, National Museum of the United States Air Force; Charlie Wooley, author of Over the Front and other books; Everett Cook, grandson of World War I squadron leader and ace Everett R. Cook; Joyce Hicks of Auburn University; Derek Kaufman, 88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs. Thank you all so much!

Map of Saints and the American air campaign during World War I from "Fighting the Flying Circus" by Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker.

Color photos of Touquin and Mauperthuis by Narayan Sengupta, Claude and Claudine Barriere-Thibault and Georges Blond.

Photo of General Pershing at Quentin Roosevelt's grave, of Quentin next to his fallen aircraft and of Quentin Roosevelt smiling courtesy of Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, National Park Service

Photo of Curtiss seaplane courtesy of Tony O'Mahony at www.corkshipwrecks.com. Other photos in banner and on some of the event pages courtesy Mr. Charlie Woolley, author of "Over the Front" and other wonderful books about our first combat pilots.

Other photos of Quentin Roosevelt courtesy National Museum of the United States Air Force provided by Brett Stolle.

Photo of Eddie Rickenbacker next to his Spad XIII courtesy National Museum of the United States Air Force.

All other color photos by Narayan Sengupta. They have been taken either in Saints or in the Le Bourget Air Museum.

Special Thanks

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the following people and organizations for their gracious support, time, advice and encouragement in the order in which they got involved in our World War I American aviatiors project:

Jean Pierre Queudray, Lagny sur Marne; Major C. C. Masotti, United States Air Force Attachee, Paris; Wolfgang Hofmann, Ramstein AFB, Germany; Luc de Groote, Saints, France; Madame Zelechowski, Mauperthuis; Colonel Gilles Peronne/Monsieur Frederic Lafarge, Commandant Base Aerienne 112, Reims, France; Cliff Tobias, National Park Service; Dennis Montagna, National Park Service; Doug Beckstead, National Park Service; Jody Cook, National Park Service; Patrizia Nava, The University of Texas at Dallas Special Collections; Steve Saruffin, Managing Editor, Over the Front magazine; Former Deputy Mayor Monsieur Golab and his wife Madame Golab, Saints; Amy Robinson and Beatrice Liu, Langley Air Force Base; Derek Kaufman, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base; Jim McSweeney, United States National Archives; Amy Robinson, Editor, 1st Fighter Wing Public Affairs, Langley, VA.; and Lynn Gamma, US Air Force Historical Research Agency; Wade Lnenicka, Mayor Pro Tem, Smyrna; Janel Sengupta, Smyrna; Pascal Gouteix, Smyrna; Dr. Yves Richard, Coulommiers; Dave Johnson, www.minnesooota.com; Joyce Hicks, Auburn University; Tom Fleming - author of "Illusion of Victory"; Mayor Bernard Jacotin, Saints; Mayor Marie Agnes Munier, Mauperthuis; Mayor Jean-Claude Fuzier, Touquin; Mayor Frank Riester, Coulommiers; Georges Blond, France; Daniel Kramer, Mauperthuis; Monsieur and Madame Brigot, Mauperthuis; Monsieur Georges, Touquin; Jean Coudert and the Rotary Club of Coulommiers, Coulommiers; Monsieur and Madame Ibert, Touquin; Everett Cook, New York; Monsieur Christian Amara, President of the l'aerodrome-musee militaire Jean-Batiste Salis; Katherine Wickhorst, Atlanta; Congressman David Scott, Atlanta; Jon Guttman, World War I aviation author, USA; Ted Hamady, World War I aviation author, USA; Le Pays Briard, France; Le Parisien, France; the citizens of the villages of Saints, Touquin, Mauperthuis, Coulommiers and St. Augustin for all of their warmth and affection.

World War 1 Art by Mike O'Neal.

Any omissions are unintentional.

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