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World War I Speaker Testimonials

Here are some recent testimonials about Narayan Sengupta, who has given his "American Eagles - the Rise of American Aviation in World War I" presentation to over 1,100 people and made presentations about his upcoming book "Famous Women and Women Who Should Be", French genealogy, etc.:

"Having been a Rotary District Governor, I have attended many, many Rotary meetings and, unquestionably, this was one of the best!"
King Rogers
Rotary International District 6800

"Our members are still talking about what a professional and enjoyable program you brought to us."
Wayne Waldrip
Smyrna Optimist Club

"Thank you so much for today - students loved it!"
Sherona Pfaff
Sope Creek Elementary School

"Hi Narayan,
We were all spellbound! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and hope I can hear it again sometime. I know I would learn something new each time I hear it!"

Debi Huffman, President
EAA Chapter 690, Lawrenceville, Georgia

"The program was wonderful! We have never had a program that went so long that captured everyone’s attention like that!"
Tommy Jones, Speaker Chair, Griffin Daybreak Rotary Club

"You're a very good speaker and I hope we can have you back to the club another time to share more of your great info from WWI and WWII."
Tom Hughes, President, Brookhaven Rotary Club

"Your presentation was outstanding. You provided a great start to my day."
Denise Quick / Executive Director
Griffin-Spalding County United Way

"Good afternoon Narayan,
Absolutely fantastic presentation last night at our EAA 690 Chapter meeting. Even though I had heard you speak before, I again found your knowledge of World War I aviation and the people who were involved in it to be incredible. Your skills in presenting that knowledge to our group were equally impressive. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing you again. Many of our members told me how they also enjoyed the talk and hope you can come back. Best regards,"

Herb Rusk, Vice-President
EAA Chapter 690, Lawrenceville, Georgia

"Narayan gave a presentation on his World War I aviation and his book to the Rotary Club of North Cobb. The talk was incredibly informative, but also incredibly interesting. Narayan gives a personal touch to the history and links our cultural knowledge of names and events to the almost-forgotten or little-known historical facts (such as the origin of Rin Tin Tin). Narayan is a great speaker; I highly recommend him."
Dana Herron, Program Chair
North Cobb Rotary Club

"My friend, you were a great hit with the Task Force Patriot membership audience...they loved you and would have sat there and listened for another hour. You have a most informative subject, one that has our membership has not heard previously and probably won't hear again. Your research and knowledge on the WWI aircraft, the military participants, and the geographics are exemplary. You were totally in command of your audience as you presented in a most articulate, confident manner. I do hope that you can return as the Task Force Patriot speaker again. Word has spread to those were could not be in attendance they missed something special on our last meeting night. May your future speaking engagements be met with the same enthusiasm that Task Force Patriot had for you."
Jim Freeman/Founder
Task Force Patriot

"Your program and pictures were incredible! You have incredible passion for this!"
Walt Woliver
Roswell Rotary Club

"Dear Narayan,
On behalf of the Board and members of the League of World War I Aviation Historians, I want to thank you for presenting at our San Antonio Seminar. During and after the Seminar, several people told me this was the best set of presentations we have ever assembled. We're flattered - and you should be too. You were an essential part of it. Many thanks!"

Richard L. Bennett, President
The League of WWI Aviation Historians

"Dear Narayan,
Thanks so much for speaking to the Georgia Chapter of the Silver Wings Aviation Fraternity. Your topic was well researched and your personal connections to the WW1 US Air Service and your mother's experiences with liberation by the US Army in France during WW2 are unique in our experience. It was very interesting to hear of your grandmother's personal experiences with Quentin Roosevelt in WW1 when he was billeted in your family's home. You are indeed a unique and valuable contributor to the history of that era.
Thanks again for sharing your history with us.
Best regards,"

Bill Bell, President
Georgia Chapter, Silver Wings Aviation Fraternity

"Narayan Sengupta combines a very personal connection with the flyboys of the First World War with the military historian’s attention to detail and accuracy. He brings to life the colorful characters and flamboyant recklessness of the Lafayette Escadrille and the regular American Air Squadrons who flew against Germany in WWI and suffered heavy casualties on behalf of the United States and France. His presentation includes images of the fliers, rare photographs of their planes, and maps pertinent to understanding the course of the war in the air. I look forward to the publication of his book which provides a new look at the flyboys in a narrative suitable to teaching a new generation about the sacrifices of their forbearers."
Bill Potter
Historian and Curator
The Circa History Guild

"This is just to thank you again for the interesting and informative talk you presented to our Silver Wings group recently. It was excellent and highly regarded by our members. The playback has been tremendous."
Robert "Punchy" Powell
352nd Fighter Group
Note: Mr. Powell is a 6+2 victory ace who flew P-51 Mustangs and P-47 Thunderbolts during World War II. A full-scale replica of Punchy's P-51 Mustang is in front of the 57th Fighter Group restaurant.

Narayan Sengupta spoke at Silver Wings about the Lafayette Escadrille on October 20, 2010 and received a second compliment from ace Punchy Powell:

"Your program on the Lafayette Escadrille was really outstanding and I want to commend you for its excellence. Not only is your research superb, but your natural delivery is delightful and we are most grateful that you came again to speak to our group. We hope you will do so again sometime in the future."
Robert "Punchy" Powell

"Wow! Great job today; thanks so much for a terrific presentation. So many members came up to me and said how much they enjoyed it."
Steve Hughes
Vinings Rotary Club

"Thank you ever so much for your presentation at Task Force Patriot Thursday evening. You are certainly a very pleasant person with a good delivery and with a very important part of history to share. You did a swell job for us."
Harold Carter
Task Force Patriot

"I wanted to say again what a GREAT job you did today speaking to my home club, the Rotary Club of Vinings. The information was fascinating, and every person I spoke with on the way out of the meeting and heading to my car kept remarking on what a great presentation it was and how much they enjoyed it."
Gant Adams
Assistant District Governor, Rotary, District 6900
Member, Vinings Rotary Club

"You did a great job today. It was so interesting and just the right amount of time and detail for the setting."
Joanne Robblee, Principal
Teasley Elementary School, Smyrna, Georgia

"Thank you for sharing your wonderful presentation. You are so educated on the topic and the slides were so professional!"
Julie Rea
Member, Vinings Rotary Club

Thank you very much for visiting my students. The kids loved your visit, to quote them, 'That was cool! That was awesome! Interesting and cool!'."

Christopher S. Chambers
6th Grade Humanities
Shamrock Middle School

Also please see Aviation History Author Speaks at Shamrock.

To get a World War I speaker, click on World War I Subject Matter Experts.

Learn more about the United States Air Service's 1st Pursuit Group:

Toul, Touquin, Saints and Mauperthuis and Rembercourt, "American Eagles" - 345 page illustrated history of US Combat Aviation in World War I

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