United States Air Service

USAS History
Summary 1917-1918
Lafayette Escadrille
1st Observation
1st, 12th, 50th, 88th
1st Pursuit Group
27th, 94th, 95th, 147th
1st Bombardment
96th, 11th, 20th
2nd Pursuit Group
13th, 22nd, 49th, 139th
3rd Pursuit Group
28th, 93rd, 103rd, 213th
4th Pursuit Group
17th, 148th, 25th, 141st
5th Pursuit Group
41st, 138th, 638th
3rd Air Park
. List of Aces

United States Naval Aviation

US Naval Aviation

United States Marine Corps Aviation

US Marine Aviation


World War I fighter planes, bombers and observation planes Nieuport 28 Spad VII Spad XIII Fokker Dr.1 Albatros D.Va Fokker D.VII
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World War I Speakers / World War One Speakers

Please contact us if you want a free World War I speaker. We speak to Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, schools, universities, veterans organizations, and military bases, etc. If you would like a speaker anywhere in the United States (and possibly elsewhere), then please let us know by sending us an e-mail to Contact Us! Narayan Sengupta covers Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina where possible, speaking about the United States Air Service and the Lafayette Escadrille. Outside of that may work as well. Steve Suddaby covers upto a two hour radius of Washington, DC. Mike O'Neal covers New Jersey. If you are in other states, let us know... we'll help you find a speaker from our list of about 30 World War I speakers.

Narayan Sengupta - US WW1 Aviation, etc.

Narayan Sengupta has made dozens of presentations to the National Archives, Georgia Archives, Veterans Day programs, historical associations, veterans groups, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Optimists Clubs, schools and more in several states and in two countries. In addition to speaking about American WWI Aviation, he also has other presenations about his other books and subjects including "Famous Women and Women Who Should Be", "The History of Tanks: 1914-1945", "How to Make a Million in 30 Short Years" and more. Testimonials about Narayan - Southeastern USA

Steve Suddaby, President Western Front Association

Steve covers much of the mid-Atlantic coast and anything within a one-day drive of Washington, DC. He specializes in the bombing campaigns of WWI. His most popular presentation is a general discussion of the impact of air power on the war, Air Power in World War I. Others presentations include:

Learn more about the United States Air Service's 1st Pursuit Group:

Toul, Touquin, Saints and Mauperthuis and Rembercourt, "American Eagles" - 345 page illustrated history of US Combat Aviation in World War I

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Raoul Lufbery and other aviators Raoul Lufbery
Ace of Aces
Eddie Rickenbacker
26 victories
Quentin Roosevelt
Son of President KIA
Frank Luke
18 victories in 17 days
Eugene Bullard
1st African Am. Pilot
David Ingalls
1st US Navy Ace
List of USAS Pilots
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American WWI Pilots
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